ACADEMY – Storioni Competition

The Storioni Competition 2019 took place from May 16 to May 18 in Eindhoven. The Maat Saxophone Quartet has won the cometition.

Storioni Competition 2019

The Storioni International Chamber Music Festival organizes in 2019 the ninth edition of the Storioni Competition (Before: Storioni Toonzaal Competition/Storioni Willem Twee Competition), which gives ensembles the opportunity to present themselves during the Storioni Festival 2019. This year, the first round will take place on Thursday 16 May at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven. The finale will take place on Saturday 18 May (please note: 2 days after the first round!) at Warehouse of Innovation in Eindhoven. On Friday 17 May, the finalists will take part in a coaching lesson by one of the members of the Storioni Trio.

The members of the participating ensembles are registered at a Dutch or Flemish Conservatory or received their diploma from there less than four years ago. Besides being able to play a variety of repertoire, ensembles are also thinking about their role in a changing musical world.

New concert format
Times, ideas and preferences are changing, especially in the world of classical music. Music has to compete with Netflix, social media and audiences are changing. How are you – the next generation of musicians – coping with these challenges? Are you able to find new audiences and make them find their way to the venues? Come up with a plan and write it down (max. 400 words) and make your plan become reality in the Warehouse of Innovation in the finale of our competition.

Keep in mind:
– Besides people that are visiting the competition concert, there will also be passers-by, people who aren’t there specifically for the concert, but who happen to be at the Warehouse of Innovation;
– Warehouse of Innovation is a space with limited technical facilities. We will provide a piano, chairs, one microphone and basic lighting (front), but besides that, it’s up to you.

Applications require 2 pieces from different styles. Please note that pieces from the Baroque and Renaissance periods are not allowed. In the prelimenary rounds, candidates get a maximum of 20 minutes performance time which should also include an oral presentation of the innovating concert format (see above). The final round offers a maximum of 30 minutes on stage. During this time, candidates perform their two application pieces, integrated in their innovating concert format.

You register before Tuesday 7 May, 11h00 am. During the first round on Thursday 16 may 2019 the expert jury will select a number of ensembles, which will perform again during the finale of the Storioni Competition on Saturday 18 May 2019 in Warehouse of Innovation, Eindhoven. On Friday 17 May, the finalists will take part in a coaching lesson by one of the members of the Storioni Trio.