Storioni Double Trio
WEDNESDAY JAN 24Storioni Double Trio Muziekgebouw Eindhoven | Small Hall | 20:15 | € 24 | address: Heuvel 140, Eindhoven |

including Rembrandt Frerichs Trio, Storioni Trio, Kayhan Kalhor kemenche

Haydn – Trio alla Zingarese
Frerichs – Caroussel
Improvisatie door Frerichs Trio en Kayhan Kalhor

The Storioni Trio invites some very special guests. First is Kayhan Kalhor, the Iranian maestro who acquired fame with his ensemble Masters of Persian Music. He plays the kemenche, an ancient Persian string instrument with strings made of silk. It creates a beautiful atmosphere. Jazzmagazine said the Rembrandt Frerichs trio was ‘one of the highlights of the North Sea Jazz Festival’.